Prime Video Presents “Betty la Fea, The Story Continues”

Prime Video Presents Betty la Fea, The Story Continues

Prime Video has unveiled the official trailer for the highly anticipated series “Betty la Fea, The Story Continues,” a sequel to the celebrated Colombian telenovela, “Yo soy Betty, la Fea.” With its premiere set for July 19, 2024, the series will be available in over 240 countries and territories.

This new installment revisits the beloved character of Beatriz “Betty” Aurora Pinzón Solano, an economist who challenged societal beauty standards and inspired women. The original series, which debuted 25 years ago, left an enduring impact, with the story of Betty, played by Ana María Orozco, resonating globally. It has since spawned adaptations in various countries, including the U.S., India, and South Africa.

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“Betty la Fea, The Story Continues” fast-forwards two decades, as Betty is now a mother to a teenage daughter, Mila. When a death occurs within the Ecomoda circle, Betty is compelled to reconnect with her former colleagues and confront her estranged relationship with her husband, Armando (Jorge Enrique Abello). As Betty grapples with her complex history with Armando, she also strives to rebuild a connection with Mila, who has returned from studying fashion in New York.

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Produced by RCN Estudios, the series is executive-produced by Yalile Giordanelli and Juan Pablo Posada. It features a blend of familiar faces and new talent, including Julián Arango, Natalia Ramírez, Lorna Cepeda, Luces Velásquez, and Mario Duarte.

“Betty la Fea, The Story Continues” debuts July 19, 2024, on Prime Video

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