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Q+A From Melbourne airs Thurs 2 Dec on ABC TV



It’s the final Q+A of the year, presented by David Speers from Melbourne.

2021 was a year some of us would rather forget, with COVID-19 and lengthy lockdowns dominating the headlines and our lives. Has it changed our way of life forever and what will the new normal hold?

The year also saw a revolution of sorts, as thousands of young Australian women were enraged and inspired by the brave public campaigns of Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins. Consent and abuse of power became national talking points from Canberra to workplaces and classrooms.

Debate around climate policy remained fraught, with our Government’s commitment to action scrutinised on the global stage at the COP26 talks in Glasgow. Relations with China deteriorated and cancel culture increasingly permeated university life and everyone’s social feeds.

Joining David Speers on the panel:

Missy Higgins, Singer/songwriter
Arj Barker, Comedian
Narelda Jacobs, Presenter, 10 News First and Studio 10
John Roskam, Executive Director, Institute of Public Affairs
Hugh van Cuylenburg, Founder, The Resilience Project

Q+A airs Thursday 2 December at 8.30pm on ABC.