‘Queenie’ Recap of Hulu Premiere of Candice Carty-Williams’ Best-Selling Novel


‘Queenie’, the TV adaptation of Candice Carty-Williams’ best-selling novel, debuted on Hulu on June 7, 2024, with all eight episodes released simultaneously. The series follows 25-year-old Queenie Jenkins, a Jamaican British woman living in south London, as she navigates her life between two cultures.

The first episode of ‘Queenie’, titled ‘The Prodigal Granddaughter Returns’, introduces us to the titular character, Queenie Jenkins (Dionne Brown), a 25-year-old Jamaican British woman navigating life between two cultures in south London. The episode opens with Queenie dealing with the fallout from a turbulent breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Tom, who tells her they need a break.

As Queenie moves into a new house share, she puts on a brave front, but it soon becomes apparent that Tom isn’t returning anytime soon. She starts to numb her loneliness and uses men to distract herself from the heartbreak. However, as the distractions lose their appeal, Queenie’s demons catch up with her.

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At work, Queenie pitches ideas to her boss, Gina (Sally Phillips), who dismisses them and advises her to stick to her assigned tasks. Queenie also contends with a security guard who repeatedly asks her to show her badge when entering the building, despite her photo being displayed in the lobby.

During a gynecological exam, Queenie provides a candid voiceover narration, sharing her unfiltered thoughts about not getting a bikini wax. She then attends a dinner party with Tom’s family, where his grandmother makes racist comments about their future baby, wishing for it to inherit Tom’s “lovely straight nose”. This triggers a flashback to an earlier pelvic exam, revealing that Queenie had previously suffered a miscarriage.

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The episode concludes with Queenie and Tom arguing, leading him to request time apart. This triggers a childhood memory of Queenie standing in front of a door, pleading for someone to return.

The cast includes Samuel Adewunmi, Bellah, Tilly Keeper, Elisha Applebaum, Laura Whitmore, Sally Phillips, Llewella Gideon, and Michelle Greenidge, among others. ‘Queenie’ is directed by Joelle Mae David and Makalla McPherson, with Carty-Williams as creator, writer, and executive producer.

‘Queenie’ is a collaboration between Onyx Collective and Further South Productions, in association with Lionsgate Television. It first aired on Channel 4 in the UK on June 4, prior to its Hulu release.

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