Rebus Episode 2 (BBC One, Saturday 25 May 2024)

Richard Rankin as the younger Detective Sergeant John Rebus.

The crime drama series Rebus, based on the international best-selling Inspector Rebus novels by acclaimed author Ian Rankin, continues with its second episode on BBC One on Saturday 25 May.

Rebus and Siobhan are under pressure to bring their investigation to a swift conclusion. They track down a witness to the assault on Jimmy McJagger. Meanwhile, Michael, despite his newfound wealth, faces the consequences of his actions, which lead to disaster. Rhona considers a life-changing opportunity for her daughter Sammy, and Rebus’s investigation takes an unsettling turn as it draws uncomfortably close to home.

The episode explores the characters’ complex lives, with Michael attempting to share his recent windfall and Rhona weighing a significant decision regarding her daughter’s future. At the same time, Rebus and Siobhan’s inquiry intensifies as they pursue a crucial witness. One of the major plus points of the series has to be the fabulous locations and the way it uses Edinburgh almost as a character in it’s own right.

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I like the fact that Rebus is here at the start of his career, even though in the books he is actually much older, as Ian Rankin said in our cast and crew interviews “Richard Rankin is not in his 70s or his 60s or his 50s, so they’re getting the quite macho Rebus from the early books, but set in contemporary times.”

Richard Rankin stars as Rebus, alongside Lucie Shorthouse, Brian Ferguson, Amy Manson, Neshla Caplan, Noof Ousellam, Stuart Bowman, Caroline Lee Johnson, Sean Buchanan, Thoren Ferguson, and Michelle Duncan.

Catch the second episode of Rebus on Saturday, May 25, 2024, at 9:25 PM on BBC One

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