Rebus: Episode 4 (BBC One, Saturday, 8 June 2024)

Rebus Episode 4

In the fourth episode of Rebus, Cafferty’s troubles intensify as he receives unwelcome assistance from two UDA hitmen, sent by his suppliers seeking retribution for the drug theft. With pressure mounting, Cafferty must act swiftly to maintain control.

Meanwhile, Rebus and his team secure a crucial witness during their investigation, but Rebus finds himself needing to create distance from Siobhan. Elsewhere, Rhona attempts to foster a rapprochement between her first and second husbands by inviting Rebus to a tense dinner. In contrast, Michael and his colleagues celebrate their triumph with a cheerful family barbecue, oblivious to the growing number of adversaries plotting against them.

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This episode explores the intricate dynamics between the characters, with Rebus navigating both professional and personal challenges. While the investigation progresses, his relationship with Siobhan encounters obstacles, and the tense supper with Rhona and her ex-husband promises to be a challenging encounter. As Cafferty scrambles to manage the fallout from the drug theft, the involvement of hitmen escalates the stakes, creating a sense of urgency for him to regain control.

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Richard Rankin stars as DS John Rebus, leading a talented cast that includes Lucie Shorthouse, Brian Ferguson, Amy Manson, Neshla Caplan, Noof Ousellam, Stuart Bowman, Caroline Lee Johnson, Sean Buchanan, Thoren Ferguson, and Michelle Duncan. “Rebus” is adapted for television by Gregory Burke and produced by Eleventh Hour Films for Viaplay.

Catch Rebus: Series 1, Episode 4 on BBC One, Saturday, 8 June 2024, at 9:15 pm.

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