Rebus: Series 1 Episode 5 (BBC Two, Saturday 15 June 2024)

Richard Rankin as the younger John Rebus.

In the upcoming fifth episode of “Rebus,” airing on BBC Two on Saturday 15 June, the tension escalates as the investigation into the attack on Jimmy McJagger uncovers complex family dynamics and betrayals. The episode opens with Rebus nursing a hangover from the previous night’s drinking. Gill arrives, urgently seeking Rebus’ phone and laptop, as Andy, who was shot at Michael’s house, has gone missing.

At Michael’s home, Gill expresses her hope that Rebus is being truthful, while Chrissie blames Rebus for Andy’s presumed death and slaps him. Creepy Malcolm questions Siobhan about recent events and then takes Rebus in for a formal interview, probing him about his encounter with Cafferty. Rebus becomes defensive as Malcolm expresses skepticism about the coincidences.

As the episode progresses, Malcolm removes Rebus from the investigation, leading to a heated argument between Rebus and Gill, where he accuses her of putting him in a difficult position. Gill subtly hints that Siobhan might be the one who disclosed information to Malcolm.

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Maggie phones Rebus, and we see Michael searching for Cafferty. Christie and Shaun find themselves in captivity, hearing screams from another room. Cafferty’s UDA associates, nicknamed the “Chuckle Brothers,” realize that Andy wasn’t the ex-soldier responsible for their fellow gang member’s death. Cafferty tells Christie he needs to arrange a meeting with Michael’s gang and denies any involvement in his father’s death.

Rebus begins to question Siobhan’s loyalties, and he also discovers that George has committed suicide. Rebus insensitively asks Maggie if she’s glad she disclosed their affair. Rhona takes Chrissie and her children into her care, and Rebus eventually apologizes to Maggie.

Cafferty contacts Rebus, revealing that Michael is in danger, and they agree to meet at a pub. Meanwhile, Michael shows up at Rebus’ flat, adamant about finding and killing Cafferty. Michael confesses to Rebus about robbing Cafferty and the UDA of their drugs.

Christie takes matters into his own hands, eliminating Cafferty’s henchman, and then calls Siobhan, asking to speak with Rebus. He agrees to disclose Shaun’s location and has a conversation with Rebus. Rhona, unaware of Michael’s actions, urges Rebus to help Michael.

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Michael’s crew abducts Cafferty and takes him to their garage hideout. Gill confides in Siobhan, sharing her suspicion that Rebus suspects Siobhan of informing Malcolm. They locate Shaun, and Cafferty discloses to Michael that he knows his brother.

Rebus arrives, declaring his intention to be the one to kill Cafferty. The episode concludes with Michael’s crew making a shocking discovery—the man Michael shot was UDA—and Rebus visiting Cafferty, proposing a deal: he will deal with Darryl if Cafferty leaves George and Maggie alone, and revealing that Darryl orchestrated his father’s death through Jimmy.

Please note that this episode will air on BBC Two this week, instead of BBC One, due to the BBC’s coverage of the 2024 European Football Championships.

Rebus: Series 1 Episode 5 airs on Saturday, 15 June 2024, at 9:10 pm on BBC Two.

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