Recap: NCIS Hawai’i, Spill the Tea (April 29 on CBS)

NCIS: Hawaiʻi

In an action-packed episode of NCIS Hawai’i, the team encountered deadly toxins, international espionage, and shocking revelations, setting the stage for an intense two-part series finale.

The episode, “Spill the Tea,” aired on CBS on Monday, April 29, 2024, and which served as part one of the third season finale, began with the NCIS team’s introduction to the elusive ELITE task force, led by Sam Hana. The story quickly escalated with the murder of their prisoner, Alexi Volkoff, also known as “the Chemist,” who had been providing intelligence on Russian missions and toxins. This set the stage for a collaborative effort between the two teams to track down the killer and uncover an even deadlier threat.

The investigation led to the discovery of a breach within ELITE, as one of their own, Tom Kalilko, was found dead. Kai and Lucy’s encounter with his killer, “Barry,” who turned out to be Viktor Nimerov, a member of the powerful Russian mob, Gorod Bratva, intensified the sense of danger. The team’s pursuit of justice and their race to prevent a potential deadly attack kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Analisa Cruise, Volkoff’s assistant, became a key figure in the episode. Her involvement provided insights into Volkoff’s work and the creation of Compound X, a deadly toxin. The team’s efforts to extract information from her and her subsequent revelation about the toxin’s characteristics heightened the episode’s tension.

The collaboration between NCIS and ELITE, including their joint operation in Belgrade, showcased the teams’ determination and unity in the face of a global threat. However, the episode concluded with a shocking twist as Analisa, revealing her true allegiance, released a canister of Compound X, decimating the ELITE team and leaving Sam Hana as the sole survivor.

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Sadly, this episode and next week’s serve as a swan song for the series, as it was recently announced that the show would not be returning for another season.

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