Recap: The Block Sun Night – Mitch and Mark are back!!!



The Block Week 2

In Sunday night’s 9th episode of The Block (Channel 9) the judges come to Block HQ for the first time in Block history and listen into the judging feedback.

As the episode gets under way it’s Saturday morning on The Block and all five couples are working hard to finish their bathrooms. Kirsty in Jesse in House No.5 are trying to put the drama of having 18 inspections behind them to finish strongly.

Vito is a changed man this morning, he has a spring in his step after a good night’s sleep. They are even planning ahead thinking they are going to be building their Master Bedroom next week…

Josh and Luke have the biggest shower screen on The Block – a 155kg shower screen.

Mitch has a brainwave and buys some rubber toy ducks and spray paints them gold to add to their bathroom.

Keith and Dan do another inspection of Kirsty and Jesse’s bathroom, the water isn’t connected – so the room isn’t finished. Kirsty gets the plumpers back but she is frustrated at Keith and Dan because they could have said something earlier.

On Sunday morning just before tools down Josh and Luke are looking at YouTube, learning on the job.

In the end everyone finishes and there are five very unique bathrooms on The Block.  It’s judging time for week No.2

Ronnie and Georgia, spent $24,500.  The judges loved the bathroom, including the neutral colour palette. They thought the finger kit kat tiles were stunning. It was a very simple bathroom but done to a high-quality standard.  The storage was impressive.

Mitch and Mark, spent $20,833.  The tap ware was suburb, the size of the vanity and the finishes were all brilliant.  Shaynna loved the humour of the golden ducks. The pink tile feature wall was a real stand out. Mitch and Mark are back in the game after last week.

Tanya and Vito, spent $33,237.  Very bold colour palette which was really affective.  The floor to ceiling terrazzo tiles was stunning. The judges did wonder why there was no toilet in the bathroom. They also need towel rails, not hooks.

Josh and Luke, spent $25,356.  A masculine bathroom but they felt the venetian plaster on the roof was a weird choice, and a waste of money. Neale had real issues with the entire bathroom, saying it felt very dated. The styling with the block of cheese was awful.  They felt the bathroom was very cold. Josh and Luke aren’t happy.

Kirsty and Jesse, spent $19,022. The judges loved the softness of the blue colour palette in the bathroom.  They thought there should have been a class door on the shower.  The styling was a bit kitsch still, they didn’t like the shells. But a great effort overall.

So the winner is for week two is Mitch and Mark — they are back.  Everyone is OK with their result however, Josh and Luke are not happy.

Next week it is Master Bedroom and Walk-In Wardrobe week for our Blockheads.


The Block airs Sunday – Wednesday on Channel 9.

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