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Recap: The Equalizer – Legendary, Aired April 28 on CBS



The Equalizer Legendary

In Legendary, the latest episode of The Equalizer, Robyn McCall finds herself pulled away from assisting her Aunt Vi with a favour, when she receives a request from Dee, who asks for her help in finding her missing transgender friend, Raya. Meanwhile, Detective Dante is surprised when he is approached by Big Ben’s parole officer, who wants him to chaperone his father for an out-of-state trip.

This episode sees the return of Dante, who has formed an alliance with Robyn, after initially being on her trail as a detective. The pair first joined forces in season 2, with Dante offering his support for Robyn’s vigilante actions. Their relationship has continued to develop, with fans speculating about a potential romance between the pair.

Robyn, a former CIA operative, is known for her extensive skills and mysterious past. To most, she appears to be an average single mother, but she secretly operates as a vigilante, seeking justice and redemption. In this episode, she enlists the help of Harry and Mel, a former U.S. Air Force sniper, to find Raya, who has been abducted.

Raya, a trans girl with the support of her family, had joined a kiki house after beginning her transition. She had a minor altercation with another girl at the house, Angie, who was homeless and undocumented. Angie warned Raya about her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel, who wanted their relationship to be kept secret. After Raya broke up with him, he began loitering outside the kiki house.


Robyn and Mel tracked Gabriel down, and he revealed that he and Raya were supposed to meet on the night she went missing. He assumed she had gone home, but in reality, she had been abducted and was being held hostage. Harry discovered surveillance footage of a van, which was also holding another teenage girl, Stella, captive.

The episode took a dark turn as it was revealed that Raya and Stella had been abducted by human traffickers, who planned to sell them. The traffickers had identified the girls through school photos and were holding them at a conversion camp on Staten Island. The camp was run by a man who had been sent to juvenile detention as a child and now sought to hurt children.

Robyn, Harry, and Mel rescued Raya and Stella, and Detective Dante was called in to make an official arrest. Raya was reunited with her mother, who loved and accepted her for who she was. Meanwhile, Dante discovered that his father had assumed he would chaperone him on an out-of-state trip, but Dante was unsure if he wanted to do this favour for him.

Elsewhere, Aunt Vi reconnected with Drake, a man she knew who had recently been released from prison. She offered him her friendship and support, which gave him hope and encouraged him to pursue his new passion for architecture. Finally, Dee considered transferring to military school, but Robyn advised against it, believing the strict environment would be a bad fit for Dee, who sometimes flouted authority.


Legendary, the seventh episode of season four of The Equalizer aired on CBS on Sunday April 28, 2024.

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