Red Flag: Revenge I Never Saw Coming (W, 5 June 2024)

True Crime

The latest episode of Red Flag, titled “Revenge I Never Saw Coming”, airs on W on Wednesday, 5 June. The episode explores the disturbing consequences of digital manipulation and deceit.

The episode presents two separate but equally distressing cases of individuals who have fallen victim to manipulative and exploitative partners. In the first case, single mother Jessica encounters her dream man, landscape gardener Dillan, on Valentine’s Day. However, what seems like a fairy tale soon turns into a coercive relationship, with Dillan taking control of Jessica’s life and finances. As the relationship deteriorates, Dillan secretly records intimate moments with Jessica and shares the explicit content, leading to a violent confrontation that leaves Jessica hospitalised.

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The episode also looks into Amy’s harrowing experience after a first date turns into a relentless campaign of harassment. Amy is subjected to disturbing questions about her sexual health and, despite reporting the perpetrator to the police, the harassment persists through lies, fake profiles, and threats.

Revenge I Never Saw Coming sheds light on the dark side of digital manipulation and the devastating impact it can have on victims’ lives. The episode highlights the importance of recognising the red flags in relationships and taking action to protect oneself from such exploitative behaviours.

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Red Flag: Revenge I Never Saw Coming airs on W on Wednesday, 5 June 2024 at 10:00 PM.

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