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Reelz Adds “Meat Loaf: A Special Tribute” to Revised Wednesday, January 26 Primetime Lineup



Programming originally scheduled to air on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 from 7PM ET – 2AM ET has been changed to the below lineup:

Meat Loaf: A Special Tribute @ 7PM ET/ 4PM PT. An intimate look at the wild ride to the top taken by the multi-platinum artist who also acted in cult classics Rocky Horror Picture Show, Wayne’s World, and Fight Club. From Las Vegas, where at the time of filming he was performing at Planet Hollywood, Marvin Lee Aday, aka Meat Loaf, describes his early life growing up in Dallas Texas, his pursuit of the rock and roll dream, continuing his career as a singer and entertainer for more than 40 years and the events that birthed his epic and one-of-a-kind name. The documentary also delves into his rollercoaster relationship with writer Jim Steinman who crafted several of the rocker’s best songs and albums and the clashes that nearly derailed Meat Loaf’s career. Viewers will also hear from Tim Curry sharing his experience working with Meat Loaf on the set of Rocky Horror Picture Show as well as producer Todd Rundgren who reveals what it was like to work on the album “Bat Out of Hell” which would go on to sell more than 34 million copies. Additional chance to watch @ 11PM ET/ 8PM PT.

ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band from Texas @ 8PM ET/ 5PM PT. Unravel the extraordinary tale of a band whose image we know but whose story we don’t. See how three oddball teenage bluesmen in Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard became one of the biggest most beloved bands on the planet all while maintaining a surrealist mystique that continues to intrigue fans 50 years after the band’s inception. In candid interviews Gibbons, Hill, and Beard reveal intimate details about everything from playing on the Jimi Hendrix Experience Tour as a fledgling act to the story behind the name ZZ Top and the three-hour jam session that solidified the band’s fate together ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band from Texas runs the gamut from the absurd to the poignant, from squalid Texas bars to MTV heroics all in celebration of this private but larger than life power trio. Also included is never-before-seen archive footage of the band, celebrity fan testimonials from Billy Bob Thornton, Josh Homme, and more along with an exclusive performance at the storied Gruene Hall in New Braunfels Texas with ZZ Top playing their greatest hits and sharing stories behind each song. Additional chance to watch @ 12AM ET/ 9PM PT.

Led Zeppelin: Breaking the Band @ 10PM ET/ 7PM PT. At the height of the band’s success in the ’70s Led Zeppelin became the world’s first rock supergroup selling more than 300 million albums and headlining 600 concerts worldwide. Led Zeppelin’s rock star excesses became the stuff of legend and dark rumors swirled around their closely guarded inner circle. But after nearly a decade at the top disaster engulfed the band and fans speculated that Led Zeppelin was finally paying the price for their huge success. Even now 40 years after the split the band’s popularity remains with fans new and old clamoring for a final reunion which has been described as the “billion-dollar tour” by promoters worldwide. But lead singer Robert Plant has sworn that he will never play with Led Zeppelin again denying lead guitarist Jimmy Page and bass guitarist John Paul Jones the reunion they want. So what really happened to the once close members of the world’s greatest ever rock band? Why won’t they ever play together again? Or will they? Additional chance to watch @ 2AM ET/ 11PM PT.