‘Rescuing Christmas’ Brings Holiday Cheer to Hallmark Channel This July 13

Rachael Leigh Cook and Sam Page are set to spread holiday cheer in the upcoming Hallmark Channel original movie, “Rescuing Christmas.” Premiering on Saturday, July 13, as part of the annual Christmas in July programming event, the film promises a heartwarming tale of love and festive traditions.

The story follows talented freelance photographer Erin Smithson (Cook), who is struggling to move on from a recent breakup during the holiday season. Unbeknownst to her, Santa has a special plan to bring some much-needed cheer into her life.

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Santa (T. Mychael Rambo) has teamed up with his elves, Chuck (Patrick O’Brien) and Debbie (Bailey Stender), to grant three magical Christmas wishes to one lucky individual. Despite Erin’s initial skepticism, she finds herself drawn into the “Operation Wish” program, where she makes a fateful wish that changes everything.

Frustrated by the constant merriment around her, Erin impulsively wishes that Christmas had never existed. This rash decision leads to unexpected consequences as she becomes the only person who remembers the beloved holiday. With the help of Sam (Page), a recent blind date, Erin sets out to reintroduce her family and loved ones to the traditions of Christmas that she holds dear.

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As the days count down to Christmas Eve, Erin and Sam work together to revive the forgotten holiday, hoping that their efforts will be rewarded with the greatest gift of all – love.

“Rescuing Christmas” is a MarVista Entertainment Production in association with Mandy June Turpin Productions. The movie boasts a notable list of executive producers, including Bonnie Zipursky, David Brown Massey, Michael Meilander, Ani Kevork, Hannah Pillemer, Angie Day, Fernando Szew, Rachael Leigh Cook, and Jim Head. The film is produced by Mandy June Turpin and directed by Emily Moss Wilson, with a script by Sarah Montana and Jim Head.

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