Restoration Road With Clint Harp, May 6, 2024, Magnolia, “Vermont Corn Crib Cabin”

Restoration Road with Clint Harp

In the latest episode of Restoration Road With Clint Harp, airing on Magnolia on Monday May 6, Clint Harp and his team travel to the rural town of Danville, Vermont, to restore a vintage corn crib cabin with a rich history. The cabin, originally built in the 1800s as a storage structure for harvested corn and grains, has been standing for over a century and was later converted into a livable space.

The episode begins with Clint and his team meeting the homeowner, who shares the story of the cabin and her family’s generations-long connection to it. They then assess the damage and get to work, stripping the exterior walls to reveal the original logs, which they clean and sand down.

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As they move inside, they uncover rotting wood, which is replaced, and hidden treasures, including old newspapers and letters used as insulation. Despite challenges, including harsh weather and foundation issues, Clint perseveres to bring the cabin back to life.

Throughout the restoration process, Clint and his team encounter challenges, including difficult weather conditions and unexpected foundation damage. However, their hard work and dedication pay off as they bring the cabin back to life, transforming it into a stunning guest cottage nestled in a beautiful, fern-covered meadow.

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The heartwarming conclusion sees the homeowner overwhelmed by the stunning transformation of her family’s cabin, now a beautiful guest cottage in a fern-covered meadow.

Restoration Road With Clint Harp: Vermont Corn Crib Cabin airs Monday, May 6, 2024, at 8.00 pm on Magnolia.

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