Restoring Galveston: Bootsie’s Bungalow (Magnolia Network, May 21, 2024)

Restoring Galveston

The Cordrays take on a personal project as they renovate Michael’s childhood brick bungalow for his supportive mother, Bootsie, in this brand-new episode of Restoring Galveston, airing on Magnolia Network on Tuesday May 21. The couple adds special touches, including a new fireplace, handmade window treatments, and upgraded kitchen hardware.

In this episode, Ashley and Michael Cordray turn their attention to Michael’s childhood home, a brick bungalow that holds a special place in his heart. They decide to renovate the house as a gift to Michael’s mother, Bootsie, who has always been a supportive figure in their lives. The couple aims to breathe new life into the property while preserving the fond memories attached to it.

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The renovation includes a variety of upgrades and personal touches. They install a brand-new fireplace to create a cozy and inviting ambiance. Ashley and Michael also put their creativity to work by crafting handmade window treatments, adding a unique and artisanal feel to the space. To make the kitchen more functional and aesthetically pleasing, they select upgraded hardware, giving the heart of the home a modern boost.

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As the renovation progresses, the couple surprises Bootsie with a special addition to the bungalow, ensuring that the final result exceeds her expectations. Throughout the process, the Cordrays’ dedication to restoring Galveston’s architectural heritage shines through, and their personal connection to this project makes it all the more meaningful.

Restoring Galveston: Bootsie’s Bungalow airs on Monday, May 21, 2024, at 8:00 PM on Magnolia Network.

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