Rip Off Britain: They Sold Me a Written-Off Car (BBC One, Monday 20 May 2024)

Rip Off Britain

Rip Off Britain returns for a brand new series on BBC One. In this opening installment, titled “They Sold Me a Written-Off Car,” the show exposes the shocking reality of motorists unknowingly driving written-off cars that should have been scrapped. Gloria Hunniford, Angela Rippon, and Julia Somerville lead the investigation, uncovering the dark past of these vehicles and the potential risks they pose to unsuspecting owners.

The episode explores the stories of motorists who find themselves in this dangerous situation, unaware that their cars have been written off and should not be on the road. As the team explores, it becomes apparent that this issue is more common than one might think, with many cars on British roads potentially hiding a similar dark secret. The investigation raises important questions about the safety and legality of these vehicles and the responsibility of those involved in their sale.

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The episode also addresses the growing concern of e-bike and e-scooter battery safety. With an increasing number of house fires linked to these batteries, the team investigates the banned batteries that are still somehow available for purchase. This segment sheds light on the potential dangers lurking in people’s homes and the need for better regulation and consumer awareness.

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The show also features an emotional interview with a couple who lost their life savings in a devastating incident. The couple shares their heartbreaking story of investing their life savings into a houseboat, only to watch it sink to the bottom of the canal, along with all their worldly possessions. Adding insult to injury, their insurer refuses to pay out, leaving them with nothing.

Rip Off Britain: They Sold Me a Written-Off Car airs at 9.30am on BBC One on Monday 20 May 2024.

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