Rosehaven Season 5 Episode 4 airs Wed 25 Aug on ABC



Rosehaven Season 5 Episode 4 airs Wednesday 25 August at 9pm on ABC TV

In next Wednesday’s episode of Rosehaven Emma and Daniel witness the Rosehaven Bakery get robbed and they take it upon themselves to try and solve the crime.

A robbery at the Bakery interrupts everyone’s morning routine and raises questions about Policeman Greg’s ability to fight crime. Emma and Daniel are front and centre during the robbery and their fight or flight response’s kick in. After the stressful morning Barbara offers for Emma to take the day off, but Daniel has an open for inspection, so he has to stay at work. When Daniel arrives at the property, he has forgotten his keys so has to climb in through a window, much to the homeowner’s surprise.

In town, Emma is interviewed on the local radio station as a star witness in the robbery and mentions that Daniel used her as a human shield. Daniel’s clients hear this and are concerned about his morals, request a new agent to look after their property.

At the pub Emma has a chance encounter with the person she suspects is the robber, so when Greg arrests someone else she takes it upon herself to investigate. Emma ropes in Damien and puts his locksmith skills to use. Daniel plays his part as well, and along the way manages to heroically redeem himself with Emma.

Rosehaven Season 5 Episode 4 airs Wednesday 25 August at 9pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

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