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RTÉjr series wins two international awards



Let’s Find Out, RTEjr’s children’s science entertainment series, has picked up two prestigious international awards. The production received an award for scientific merit at the SCINEMA International Film Festival, presented by the Royal Institution of Australia. SCINEMA is the largest science film festival in the southern hemisphere. It was also handed an industry award for Best Educational Media at the Raw Science Film Festival. Taking place in Costa Rica, RSFF brings together people across science, technology, entertainment and media to showcase best in class film from around the globe.

Starring Grainne Bleasdale (Aifric, Ros na Rún), Mark Langtry and Amy Hassett, Let’s Find Out follows the crew of the spaceship Curiosity, alien Zoom and her crew of human scientists, as they answer some of the Earth’s most fascinating questions.

Speaking about the awards, founder and series director, Tom Johnson said, “Let’s Find Out really is a labour of love for all involved, as we try to bring science to life for Irish children. Our only tools are creativity, imagination and as many big explosions as possible!”

The show’s commissioner at RTÉ, Head of Children’s and Young People’s Content Suzanne Kelly, added, “this wonderful series continues to evolve, educate and entertain through the medium of science. It is the quintessential mix of science education and entertainment and, in presenters Mark Langtry and Amy Hassett, television have cast the most engaging science communicators.”

Let’s Find Out was produced with the support of Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover Programme, which aims to empower and inspire public engagement with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths).