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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Versus The World: Meet The Queens – Cheryl Hole



“Not threatened”
Representing: United Kingdom
Seasons: UK 1
0 x Maxi Challenge Winner
Previous Position: 4th (UK series one)

Cheryl’s back! Introduce yourself.

I’m baaack! The queen of Essex herself repping for the UK! We all know I’m a silly tit in a wig that’s just here for a good time. That’s the Chezzy Hole experience!

You’re famous now, how is it?

I would never call myself famous! I’m more gay-mous! But it’s been a laugh and a hoot. There are perks to life…. Getting a nice free meal is one of them! And a girl likes to eat, can’t you tell?! I’ve gained a couple stones since series one.

What is different this time?

Well on series one, you all saw me crying “I’m a ******* star! I’m a star!” (I became a meme!) but this time I know I’m a star. I know I’m going to smash the challenges and I know I’m going to win.

Do you have any game tactics?

I know some of these queens are going to play a dirty game. But I’m a clean little diva! The only place I’m dirty, is the place… well, you know exactly where!

Are you ready for battle?

YES! I am the one to beat! And I’m ready to show that I’m not mediocre anymore! This is the queen of the huns right here. I’m gonna have all the badges. I’m gonna be walking sideways because it’s so heavy because I’ve got all the badges… and I’ll be QUEEN OF THE WORLD!