Scam Interceptors: Are You Lying to Me Roger? (BBC One, 14 June 2024)

Scam Interceptors BBC One

In this episode of Scam Interceptors, airing on BBC One on Friday 14 June, An elderly man in a remote community is the target of scammers, and Rav Wilding and his team race against time to protect him. With nearly a hundred miles of countryside to cover, will the ground team reach him in time? In this episode, the team also confronts the criminals behind the scam operation, taking viewers on a journey into the heart of fraudulent activities.

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Rav and his team face a challenging task as they attempt to safeguard an elderly man from becoming a victim of scams. The vast distance they need to cover adds urgency to their mission, and the team must use all their resources to try and prevent the scammers from succeeding.

The team are determined to stop the scammers and their commitment to protecting vulnerable individuals is obvious. They confront the criminals, shining a light on their illegal activities and the impact they have on people’s lives.

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Scam Interceptors: Are You Lying to Me Roger? airs Friday, June 14, 2024, at 10:45 am on BBC One.

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