Scam Interceptors: Interceptors to the Rescue (BBC One, 18 June 2024)

Scam Interceptors BBC One

The Scam Interceptors team springs into action once more in this episode, titled “Interceptors to the Rescue,” airing on BBC One on 18 June 2024. The ground team receives a call for help from a woman ensnared by scammers. Despite the distance, they rush to her aid, mobilizing friends and neighbours to assist.

In parallel, the team is hot on the trail of a group of swindlers selling fake Taylor Swift tickets, determined to put an end to their deceitful scheme.

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In this instalment, the Scam Interceptors team faces the challenge of providing support to a woman in distress, who is several hours’ drive away. They demonstrate their resourcefulness by enlisting the help of the woman’s local community, ensuring that she is not alone in her time of need.

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Meanwhile, their relentless pursuit of the Taylor Swift ticket scammers intensifies as they work to expose and put a stop to their fraudulent activities.

Scam Interceptors: Interceptors to the Rescue airs on BBC One on Monday, 18 June 2024, at 10:45 am.

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