Scam Interceptors: Race Across London (BBC One, 17 June 2024)

Scam Interceptors

The Scam Interceptors team is back for another action-packed episode on Monday 17 June, as they race across London to prevent a potential scam. Rav Wilding and his team spring into action upon learning that a woman may have withdrawn thousands of pounds to send to scammers.

They must locate her in central London before it’s too late. In this high-stakes pursuit, Rav also confronts the criminals behind these illegal activities. Will they be able to stop the scammers in their tracks and protect the woman’s hard-earned money?

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The episode shows the team’s relentless efforts to protect the public from fraud. Rav, an expert in the field, utilizes cutting-edge technology and his investigative skills to track down both the potential victim and the perpetrators. With time ticking and the woman’s savings at stake, the team’s expertise and quick thinking are put to the test.

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Scam Interceptors: Race Across London airs on BBC One on Monday, 17 June 2024, at 10:45.

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