Scam Interceptors: There Are Two iPhones in Your Basket (BBC One, 19 June 2024)

Scam Interceptors BBC One

Scam Interceptors returns with a brand new episode on BBC One, as the team tackles scammers targeting unsuspecting individuals through their Amazon accounts. The episode, titled “There Are Two iPhones in Your Basket,” airs on Wednesday, 19 June 2024, at 10:45 am.

In this episode, the Scam Interceptors team receives a tip-off about scammers attempting to manipulate a man into believing that hackers are placing large orders for iPhones on his Amazon account. The man is at risk of losing significant amounts of money if he falls for the scam and transfers funds to the fraudsters. The team springs into action, with ethical hackers intercepting the scam calls and attempting to prevent the man from becoming another victim of this cunning scheme.

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The episode follows the team’s race against time as they try to reach the potential victim before it’s too late. With the man unable to be contacted directly, the ground team becomes the last line of defense, frantically searching for him in the hopes of stopping the scam in its tracks. Will they be able to prevent another scam from succeeding, or will the fraudsters claim another unfortunate victim?

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As the Scam Interceptors team continues their crucial work, they provide valuable insights into the tactics employed by scammers and offer guidance to viewers on how to protect themselves from falling prey to similar schemes.

Scam Interceptors: There Are Two iPhones in Your Basket airs on Wednesday, 19 June 2024, at 10:45 am on BBC One.

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