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Scrap Kings Premieres Tuesday 7 Sep on Science Channel



In the world of demolition and salvage, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. From skyscrapers and buildings to bridges and automobiles, every structure eventually reaches the end of its useful life – and that’s when the Kings and Queens of destruction step in.

In the ultimate showdown between man, machine, and scrap metal, SCRAP KINGS follows the men and women who demolish, dismantle, and scrap to find a new life for these materials and make some serious cash.

From the explosive demolition of an old, massive concrete police station, to a demolition job that would free up some much-needed space in one of the world’s busiest container ports in Suffolk, UK, SCRAP KINGS spotlights the hard-working heroes behind the world of destruction, demolition and scrap.

Don’t miss the Science Channel premiere of SCRAP KINGS Tuesday, September 7 @ 9PM ET/PT.