Season Premiere, Homegrown, April 6, 2024, Magnolia, “Preserve”


In the season premiere of Homegrown, airing on the Magnolia Network on Saturday April 6, viewers will witness Atlanta-based farmer and host Jamila Norman as she teaches a young family the art of preserving their harvest. Through canning techniques, the family will learn to make the most of their backyard garden and enjoy their produce year-round.

The episode, titled “Preserve,” aligns with the show’s theme of exploring the joy and benefits of growing your own food. Jamila, an expert in backyard farming, will guide the family through the process of canning, allowing them to savour the flavours of their harvest even after the growing season ends.

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Homegrown showcases the transformation of outdoor spaces into functional and beautiful farms, providing practical tips and strategies for viewers interested in backyard farming. The show’s previous seasons have inspired audiences to cultivate their own gardens and appreciate the true meaning of farm-to-table dining.

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Don’t miss the season premiere of Homegrown on the Magnolia Network, Saturday, 6 April 2024 at 1.00pm.

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