Secret Life of a Sorority Girl Movie Premiere, April 6, 2024, Lifetime

Secret Life of a Sorority Girl Movie

On Saturday, 6 April, Lifetime presents Secret Life of a Sorority Girl, a thrilling film starring Jessica Lynn Wallace, Jessica Morris, and Philip Boyd. The story follows Cheryl, a single mother, who discovers her daughter Ashley’s secret life as a pole dancer at a nightclub to fund her college education.

Furious and disappointed, Cheryl threatens to disown Ashley, leading to a rift in their relationship. However, when Ashley suddenly goes missing, Cheryl regrets their argument and takes matters into her own hands. She becomes convinced that the key to finding Ashley lies within the nightclub where she worked.

Determined to uncover the truth, Cheryl undergoes a transformation, donning a wig and changing her makeup to disguise herself as a dancer at the club. She gains the trust of the bartenders and fellow dancers, including the sympathetic Jake, who agrees to help in the search for Ashley. Despite their efforts, every lead they pursue seems to end in disappointment.

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Cheryl finds herself drawn to Jake, only to discover a shocking connection to her daughter’s disappearance. Jake’s brother, Rick, obsessed with Ashley, is the one holding her captive. Cheryl and Ashley must now work together to escape their kidnappers and fight for their survival.

Secret Life of a Sorority Girl takes viewers on a suspenseful journey, exploring the lengths a mother will go to protect her daughter and the dangers that lurk in unexpected places.

Tune in to Secret Life of a Sorority Girl on Lifetime at 8:00 pm on Saturday, 6 April 2024.

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