Serial Killer Wives: Dennis Nilsen & Martyn (5STAR, Airdate: Tuesday, 25 June 2024)

True Crime

Serial Killer Wives, a documentary series, looks into the lives of those married to or the partner of some of the world’s most notorious murderers, offering a unique perspective on their twisted minds. In the upcoming episode, airing on 5Star on Tuesday 25 June, viewers will get an insight into the story of Martyn, the ex-partner of the notorious serial killer and necrophile, Dennis Nilsen.

Martyn, a former sex worker, recounts his first encounter with Nilsen, which almost cost him his life. After running away from home at 14, Martyn met Nilsen in an arcade and went back to his flat, where he fell asleep. He woke up to a room filled with smoke and a menacing Nilsen looming over him with a knife. This bizarre incident marked the start of a casual relationship that lasted for years.

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As the episode progresses, we explore Nilsen’s increasingly strange behavior through Martyn’s eyes. Nilsen would shout at walls and ask Martyn disturbing questions, such as whether he had ever thought about bathing in blood. Despite this, Martyn continued the relationship, but declined Nilsen’s offer to move in with him.

Martyn’s visits to Nilsen’s new flat in Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill, became a source of concern. He noticed a foul smell, which Nilsen attributed to his dog. On another occasion, Nilsen panicked and refused to let Martyn enter the flat. Soon after, Nilsen’s neighbors complained about a noxious odor coming from the drains. When a plumber investigated, a gruesome discovery was made: human remains were found in the pipes, leading to Nilsen’s immediate arrest.

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Martyn recalls the shocking moment he learned of his partner’s arrest and the subsequent revelations about Nilsen’s gruesome crimes, including necrophilia, dismemberment, and boiling his victims’ flesh. Martyn also reflects on how he narrowly escaped becoming Nilsen’s first victim. Today, Martyn works as a counselor for a mental health charity, using his traumatic experiences to help others.

Serial Killer Wives: Episode 5 airs on Tuesday, 25 June 2024, at 9:00 PM on 5STAR.

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