Shetland: Scotland’s Wondrous Isles Episode 2 (Channel 5, Sunday 2 June 2024)


The upcoming episode of Shetland: Scotland’s Wondrous Isles, airing on Channel 5 on Sunday, 2 June 2024, looks into the lives of those who call the Shetland Islands home.

In this episode, we meet Pearl Young, a lifelong crofter who, with the help of her husband Willie, lives off the land in a traditional yet communal way. The couple is preparing for their yearly highlight: the annual harvest festival in the church where they exchanged their wedding vows. We also encounter another crofter, Winston, who has ventured into the Islands’ first commercial oyster farm on his family’s ancestral land. This year is pivotal for Winston, as he readies his inaugural crop for launch at a local food festival.

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Out at sea, we join commercial angler Bryan, who is also a passionate participant in Shetland’s fishing competitions. With his friend Ewan, Bryan seeks to reel in the season’s final trophy-worthy catch. Additionally, we are introduced to Jan and Pete, a dedicated couple running the Islands’ sole wildlife sanctuary and caring for seal pups Izzy and Lucy.

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This episode of Shetland: Scotland’s Wondrous Isles takes us on a journey to explore the rich traditions, resilient community spirit, and natural wonders of this unique archipelago.

Shetland: Scotland’s Wondrous Isles, Episode 2, airs on Sunday, 2 June 2024, at 8:00 PM on Channel 5.

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