Shop Smart, Save Money, 1 May 2024 Channel 5, “Season 2 Episode 10”

shop smart save money title card

Shop Smart, Save Money returns with an all-new episode on Channel 5 on Wednesday 1 May, offering viewers valuable insights and practical solutions to make informed choices and save money. Presenters Gaby Roslin and Ortis Deley are back, joined by consumer journalists Georgie Barrat and Jon Bentley, as they tackle a range of topics to help viewers across the nation.

In this episode, Roslin and Deley shift their focus to the great outdoors, offering tips and tricks to keep gardens looking their best. From robotic lawnmowers to innovative fence-painting spray guns, they explore a range of options to make garden maintenance a breeze. The duo also invites three TV and film enthusiasts to test and review thirty-two-inch televisions, providing an insightful guide for viewers considering an upgrade.

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Jon Bentley takes us on a culinary journey as he compares frying pans in his signature premium vs budget test. This time, he visits an American diner to uncover the secrets to creating the perfect diner experience at home. From non-stick pans to cast iron skillets, Bentley provides an in-depth analysis to help viewers make the right choice for their cooking needs.

Georgie Barrat adds to the mix with her unique perspective on car ownership and eco-friendly driving. She explores the latest trends and innovations in the automotive industry, offering advice on how to be more environmentally conscious without compromising on style or convenience. From electric vehicles to fuel-efficient engines, Barrat provides a comprehensive guide to help viewers make informed choices when it comes to their cars.

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Shop Smart, Save Money continues to deliver valuable insights and cost-effective solutions, helping viewers navigate the challenges of modern life and make the most of their hard-earned money.

Shop Smart, Save Money airs on Channel 5 at 7:00 PM on Wednesday 1 May 2024.

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