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Showcase: The Knick Season 2 With Clive Owen Premieres 21 October



Steven Soderburgh’s turn of the 20th century hospital drama The Knick will debut it’s second season in Australia exclusively on Foxtel’s Showcase channel, premiering Wednesday 21 October @ 8.30pm.

Created by Jack Amiel and Michael Begler and directed by Soderburgh. The Knick stars Clive Owen as surgeon John Thackery who works at The Knickerbocker Hospital in New York City. Of course this being the early 1900’s surgical procedures are not quite up to todays standards – be warned there is a lot of gruesome operating scenes on display here!

When season two opens The Knick (as the Knickerbocker is known) is facing an uncertain future – Dr Thackery’s cocaine and opium addiction has spiralled out of control and he is in hospital in New England whilst fellow surgeon Algernon Edwards (played by Andre Holland) is trying to take over his position.

Meanwhile the hospital’s board, following some financial miscalculations have decided to move the hospital further uptown in a bid to attract a wealthier clientele.

The Knick Season 2 – Wednesdays from 21 October.

The Knick is a US series made for HBO sister channel Cinemax. The cast also includes Jeremy Bobb, Juliet Rylance, Eve Hewson, Michael Angarano and Chris Sullivan.