Sky Documentaries Announces True Crime Series: The Body Next Door

The Body Next Door Sky Documentaries

Sky announces a captivating addition to its true-crime lineup with the three-part documentary series The Body Next Door. Produced by RAW, known for documentaries such as The Tinder Swindler and Three Identical Strangers, this new series investigates one of the most bizarre and shocking true crime stories of recent times.

In the tranquil Welsh village of Beddau, a community of around 7,000, a horrifying discovery was made in November 2015. What started as a prank involving a medical skeleton unveiled a darker truth—a real human body, meticulously wrapped in over 40 layers of plastic.

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The unidentified male corpse, with no matching DNA, fingerprints, or dental records, presented a double mystery: a ‘whodunit’ and a ‘who is it?’ puzzle. As fear gripped the village, the investigation uncovered an unexpected suspect—a seemingly innocent elderly neighbour harbouring a past filled with lies, trauma, and dark secrets.

The Body Next Door takes viewers on a gripping journey, intertwining a tragic murder mystery with a dramatic family saga.

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