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Sky News named News Provider of the Year at The British Journalism Awards



sky news named news provider of the year at the british journalism awards

The judges praised the team saying it “has a brave record when it comes to chronicling the wars of the 21st century and Ukraine has been no exception”.

At last night’s coveted British Journalism Awards, Sky News walked away with the honour of News Provider of the Year, after having an exceptional year focusing on distinctive, eyewitness journalism and analysing issues which affect all our lives.

The judges said Sky News “has a brave record when it comes to chronicling the wars of the 21st century and Ukraine has been no exception”. “It has had correspondents in Ukraine for every day of the conflict and secured a memorable first exclusive interview with President Zelenskyy when it seemed that Kyiv was soon to fall,” they added. “It has also led the way on coverage of the cost of living crisis, partygate and climate.”

John Ryley, Head of Sky News, said: “Holding those in power to account, going deep into the data, telling compelling human interest stories, and eyewitness reporting from around the world – that’s what makes Sky News news provider of the year. In a momentous year for news, we’ve kept audiences informed on every platform. From non-stop TV news to TikTok as historic events unfold we take people to the heart of the story.”

The award recognises a news provider that has excelled in terms of serving the public interest and bringing new information to light. The judges look for a news provider which stands out because of the quality of its investigative journalism and ability to break news on matters of public interest.

Other shortlisted organisations included the Financial Times, the Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail and The Times.

Sky News moments of the year

When chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay and his team came under fire in Ukraine, camera operator Richie Mockler kept rolling and produced a harrowing account of the reality of war. Over 15m watched the report and 4m read his written account. Boris Johnson described their courage as “astonishing to watch”.

Special correspondent Alex Crawford went on to secure the first face-to-face UK interview with President Zelenskyy in his bunker as Russian tanks encircled Kyiv – encouraging him to speak in English, with his pleas for military aid broadcast all around the world.

Sky News correspondents have reported from Ukraine every day of the war. As Russia tightened its grip on the Lysychansk, a Sky News team were the last journalists inside the city – delivering a visceral first-hand account of life in a city on the brink of collapse.

In the months after the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan, Sky News revealed how life has deteriorated for millions. In a series of reports we witnessed men and women selling their kidneys to make money and so desperate they were willing to sell their daughters into marriage at just five years old.

At home Sky News’ politics team has consistently held leaders to account. Beth Rigby’s interview with Boris Johnson in January was a seminal moment as the PM hung his head under interrogation about his partygate behaviour. Sky News’ leaders’ debate laid bare the inconsistencies in Liz Truss’ candidacy for PM.

On the cost of living crisis, the Sky News data team created a spending calculator enabling users to see how much the items they buy have gone up. But the tool has also driven our journalism, revealing the disparity in the cost of men’s and women’s clothing.

​Throughout the year Sky News’ reports on grooming gangs in Hull have given a voice to women abused and raped. After they were brushed off by detectives, we investigated, uncovering evidence so powerful it compelled police to reopen a closed case into organised child abuse.
Sky News’ coverage of the extreme heat that scorched large parts England was eye-catching too – with helicopter footage revealing the impact of climate change on the burning village of Wennington very vividly.