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Sky Original “Dublin Narcos” Will Premiere 4 March



Dublin Narcos

“Dublin Narcos”, a Sky Original Series, will premiere on Sky Documentaries and NOW on March 4th, and the official trailer was just posted today.

The new documentary series consists of three parts and chronicles Dublin’s rise from economic depression in the 1980s to thriving metropolis status in the 1990s. The city’s criminal population mirrored its ups and downs in prosperity. In doing so, they discovered promising new avenues. Such chances came up in connection with procuring and selling various drugs like heroin, ecstasy, and cocaine. The meteoric growth in demand for these substances transformed the criminal underworld and everyday life in Ireland, bringing fortunes to some while fostering an increase in drug dependency, violence, and gang activity among others.

Dublin Narcos combines documentary and dramatic elements to tell the narrative of the lasting effects of narcotics on the city of Dublin. From drug kingpins to the Gardai who struggled to find new ways to bring down the new breed of criminal, from local mothers who fought battles with dealers to cocaine couriers and club owners, and from ravers who rode the wave of drug-fueled euphoria to users whose forays into dealing led to their own downfall, this groundbreaking series hears first-hand from an extraordinary cast of characters caught up in the burgeoning new business of drugs. Vitally, the series also features interviews with the courageous journalists whose efforts to expose the drug barons led to the untimely murder of one of their own, Veronica Guerin.

Made by the Blast! Produced by Sky Studios in collaboration with NOW and Sky Documentaries, the premiere of Dublin Narcos will air on March 4 at 9 p.m.