Spy/Master: The Bomb Maker (BBC Four, Saturday 18 May 2024)


In the fifth episode of Spy/Master, titled “The Bomb Maker,” Victor finds himself in a race against time as he discovers that Ileana is being interrogated back home. To protect her, he urgently requests that the Americans deliver a message to her. Adding to the urgency, Ingrid uncovers critical intelligence about an impending bomb attack in Bonn.

The episode, which airs on BBC Four on Saturday, 18 May 2024, sees Victor grappling with the challenge of keeping Ileana safe while also attempting to prevent a potential bomb attack. As the tension rises, Victor must leverage his skills and resources to address both threats simultaneously.

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With Ileana’s interrogation underway, Victor fears that time is of the essence to ensure her safety. He makes a desperate plea to the Americans, urging them to convey a message to her, believing that their intervention could be crucial to her well-being. Simultaneously, Ingrid’s discovery of an imminent bomb attack in Bonn complicates the situation. Victor finds himself at the center of a complex web, striving to manage both the personal and professional crises effectively.

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Spy/Master Episode 5: The Bomb Maker airs Saturday, 18 May 2024, on BBC Four, offering audiences a captivating blend of suspense and intrigue within the world of international espionage.

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