Spy/Master: The Trojan Horse (BBC Four, Saturday 18 May 2024)


In the sixth and final episode of Spy/Master’s first series, titled “The Trojan Horse,” the story reaches its climax as Victor’s intel proves its worth, but a new threat emerges, creating a challenging situation for the German police and the CIA.

The episode, airing on BBC Four on Saturday, 18 May 2024, sees Victor’s intelligence take center stage as it proves to be instrumental in the ongoing operation. However, a surprise development unfolds as a second target enters the picture, catching the authorities off guard and prompting a scramble to respond.

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Amid this chaos, Victor and Frank spring into action, attempting to neutralize the attackers and create an opportunity for Victor to escape to America. Their efforts are a last-ditch attempt to secure Victor’s safety and freedom.

As the season finale, “The Trojan Horse” is expected to deliver a tense and action-packed conclusion, bringing the first season of Spy/Master to a close. Audiences will be eager to discover the fate of Victor and witness the outcome of the operation, which has been building up throughout the series.

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Spy/Master: The Trojan Horse airs Saturday, 18 May 2024, on BBC Four.

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