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Stan February Highlights; Trigger Point, Power Book IV: Force and More



Stan highlights for the month of February include UK Action Thriller Trigger Point, Power Book IV: Force and the brand new series Bel Air.

Power Book IV: Force

February 6

Brand New Series / New Episodes Sundays

Only on Stan. / Same Day as U.S.

Power Book IV: Force centres on fan-favourite character Tommy Egan, played by Joseph Sikora, after he cuts ties and puts New York in his rear-view mirror for good. As Tommy leaves New York after losing Ghost, LaKeisha and the only city he’s ever known, he makes a quick detour to close an old wound that’s been haunting him for decades.

What was supposed to be a quick stop turns into a labyrinth of family secrets and lies Tommy thought were long buried. One step leads to another and Tommy quickly finds himself in Chicago’s drug game, inserting himself between the city’s two biggest crews. In a city divided by race, Tommy straddles the line, ultimately becoming the lynchpin that not only unites them – but holds the POWER to watch them crumble. As the first season unfolds at breakneck speed, Tommy uses his outsider status to his advantage, breaking all the local rules and rewriting them on his quest to become the biggest drug dealer in Chicago.

Bel Air

February 14

Brand New Series / Three Episode Premiere Event

New Episodes Mondays

Only on Stan. / Same Day as U.S.

Set in modern-day America, the brand new one-hour drama series Bel-Air imagines the beloved sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through a new, dramatic take on Will’s complicated journey from the streets of West Philadelphia to the gated mansions of Bel-Air. As these two worlds collide, Will reckons with the power of second chances while navigating the conflicts, emotions, and biases of a world far different from the only one he’s ever known.

Trigger Point

January 24

Brand New Series / New Episodes Mondays

Only on Stan. / Same Day as U.K.

From the executive producer of Line of Duty and Bodyguard, Jed Mercurio, Trigger Point is a six-part series starring Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester who play bomb disposal operatives known as ‘Expos’. This high-octane thriller turns the spotlight on counter terrorism policing and the extraordinary work of the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad. Lana and Joel put their lives on the frontline when a terrorist campaign threatens London over the summer, and are tasked with finding out who is behind the bombings before fatalities escalate.

The Fear Index

February 11

Brand New Series / All Episodes at Once

Only on Stan. / Same Day as U.K.

Dr Alex Hoffman (Josh Hartnett), a computer scientist and genius, alongside his Hedge Fund business partner and best friend, Hugo, is ready to make a killing. They’re launching VIXAL-4 to investors, an AI-driven system that exploits fear in the financial markets and operates at lightning speed to make big returns. The promise is billions, the rich are ready to get richer… but this is not the day Alex and Hugo had planned on. What follows is a fast-paced journey through the worst 24 hours of Alex’s life, cutting across reality, memory and paranoid fantasy, forcing him to question everything he sees with his own eyes.

Janet Jackson

Jan 29 & 30

Brand New Docuseries

Only on Stan. / Same Day as U.K.

The four-hour event is in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Janet’s first album, Janet Jackson (1982). With full, unprecedented access to the global icon, Janet Jackson is an intimate, honest and unfiltered look at her untold story. Producers Workerbee have been filming the incredible documentary for over three years and were granted exclusive access to archival footage and Janet’s “never-before-seen” home videos, along with star-studded interviews. This will be the definitive story on Janet Jackson. One of the best-selling and highest-earning artists in music history, Janet has enjoyed immense levels of success, experienced incredible tragedy, and endured a tumultuous private life in the face of extraordinary public scrutiny. With no stone left unturned, Janet lifts the lid on her private life for the very first time and reveals some of her most intimate moments ever caught on camera.


Continue streaming all your Stan favourites this February with new episodes of Billions: Season 6, All American: Season 4, Power Book II: Ghost: Season 2, RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 14, Home Economics: Season 2, New Amsterdam: Season 4, Walker: Season 2 and Claws: Season 4 throughout February.


RuPaul’s UK Drag Race

February 2

Brand New Series / New Episodes Wednesdays

Only on Stan. / Same Day as U.K.

With the Untied Kingdom serving as the host region for the series’ first ever international all-stars edition, RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK Versus the World will unite nine queens from global Drag Race seasons as they battle it out for the inaugural Global Drag Race Superstar title.

Counterpart (February 21, Seasons 1 & 2)

Counterpart is about a mysterious world hidden beneath the surface of our everyday existence. Howard Silk is a lowly cog in the bureaucratic machinery of a Berlin-based United Nations spy agency. When Howard discovers that his organisation safeguards the secret of a crossing into a parallel dimension, he is thrust into a shadow world of intrigue, danger, and double cross where the only man he can trust is his near identical counterpart from this parallel world. The show explores themes of identity, fate and lost love, posing the eternal question, “what if our lives could have been different?”


Grab the popcorn and hit play on these blockbuster films coming this February including: The Fast and Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast and Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6, Furious 7, Dreamgirls, Wedding Crashers, Donnie Darko, Coming To America, The Comeback Trail, Cujo, Without A Paddle, Airplane!, Premonition,and more!


Stan is your one-stop destination for entertainment for the whole family with countless hours of shows for kids of all ages. February will see brand new episodes of the Stan Exclusives Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky: Season 1and Trolls: Trollstopia: Season 2.