Starz’s “Down in the Valley” Trailer & Premiere Date

Starz has unveiled a trailer for its forthcoming documentary series “Down in the Valley”, hosted by Nicco Annan, best known for his role as Uncle Clifford in the network’s hit drama series “P-Valley”. The six-part series will offer audiences an immersive journey into the culture of the Deep South, exploring themes of sex, queerness, religion, and southern culture.

The series, inspired by the fictional world of “P-Valley”, is set to debut on the STARZ app on July 5, 2024, with a linear release on STARZ at 9:00 PM ET/PT in the U.S. and 10:00 PM ET in Canada.

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“Down in the Valley” promises to pull back the curtain on the intriguing people and places that define the Deep South, showcasing a region where anything can happen. The series will follow Annan as he ventures from strip clubs to sex workshops, rap performances, and ancient hoodoo rituals, offering a unique perspective on the sensuality, music, and stories of the region.

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In addition to Annan’s hosting duties, he also serves as an executive producer, alongside “P-Valley” creator Katori Hall. The series is produced by Zero Point Zero for STARZ, with Emmy and Peabody Award-winning executive producer Shoshana Guy as showrunner.

“Down in the Valley” aims to confront uncomfortable truths, challenge societal norms, and present a more inclusive and enlightened perspective on Southern culture. Through Annan’s exploration, the series will highlight the parallels between the real-life experiences of Southern communities and the narratives woven by Hall in “P-Valley”.

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