Storyville: Against the Tide (BBC Four, Tuesday 4 June 2024)

Storyville Against The Tide

Storyville, the BBC Four documentary series, presents its latest installment, “Against the Tide,” airing on Tuesday, 4 June 2024. The film offers an intimate and beautifully shot portrayal of the lives and friendship of two Indian fishermen, Rakesh and Ganesh, from the ancient indigenous fishing community of Bombay, the Kolis.

Rakesh, a traditional Koli fisherman who learned the trade from his father, casts his nets in the creeks and shallow waters, sustaining a modest income to support his small family. His best friend, Ganesh, comes from a wealthier Koli background and returned to Bombay after obtaining a degree in finance from Scotland.

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Ganesh faces challenges in maintaining his middle-class status due to the increasing presence of bigger players using illegal fluorescent lights for deep-sea fishing. Determined, he borrows money to invest in fluorescent lights and a larger crew for a risky deep-sea fishing venture. Meanwhile, Rakesh encounters his own struggles when his baby son falls ill, forcing him to sell his inherited boat to pay for treatment.

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The documentary captures the contrasting paths of these two friends: Ganesh, risking his family’s wealth in pursuit of a better life, and Rakesh, striving to return to his ancient way of fishing while caring for his family. Above all, the film celebrates their enduring friendship, set against the backdrop of overfishing, new technology, and the preservation of indigenous traditional ways of life.

Storyville: Against the Tide airs on Tuesday, 4 June 2024, at 10:00 PM on BBC Four.

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