Stuff the British Stole: The Parthenon Marbles, Series 2 Premieres Monday 17 June

Stuff the British Stole Series 2

Stuff the British Stole returns to ABC Australia with its second season. Kicking off with the first episode on Monday, June 17, at 8.00 pm, the series promises to take viewers on an intriguing journey through history. All eight episodes will also be available for streaming on ABC iview.

In this season, host Marc Fennell continues his exploration of the controversial history of artefacts seized during the British Empire and now housed in museums and galleries worldwide. Filmed across 11 countries, from Kenya to Canada, Marc uncovers the hidden stories behind a diverse range of treasures, including those from Egyptian deserts, the depths of the Amazon River, and even a shipwreck in the Aegean Sea.

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The first episode, “The Parthenon Marbles,” features none other than the legendary Stephen Fry, who joins Marc on a journey to uncover the truth about the Parthenon marble sculptures, which are considered one of the most controversial museum exhibits in the United Kingdom.

Together, Marc and Stephen venture to the peak of the Acropolis, descend to a secluded robotics lab in the Tuscan mountains, and explore a shipwreck beneath the Aegean Sea, all in an effort to understand the true history of these marbles and why they are the subject of such fierce debate.

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Additionally, Marc meets with passionate Greeks in Sydney who share their strong emotions regarding the loss of this national icon. Through their conversations and his global adventures, Marc looks into the complex questions surrounding the ownership and display of these marbles, with answers that are never as straightforward as one might expect.

Stuff the British Stole: The Parthenon Marbles airs Monday, June 17, at 8.00 pm on ABC Australia, with all episodes available for streaming on ABC iview.

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