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SUMMER HOUSE Season 8 Australian Premiere on Hayu 23 February



Summer House on Hayu

Prepare for a sun-soaked summer as Summer House returns for its eighth season on Hayu in Australia, premiering on February 23 alongside its US release. This time around, eight familiar faces will be gracing the Hamptons, with the addition of two new housemates. Expect a season filled with carefree fun, as some relationships soar while others face unexpected fractures.

Returning to the share house are Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke, Paige DeSorbo, Lindsay Hubbard, Ciara Miller, Danielle Olivera, Gabby Prescod, and Carl Radke. Joining them this summer are newcomers Jesse Solomon and West Wilson.

In the upcoming season:

Carl and Lindsay find themselves consumed by wedding planning after their whirlwind engagement last summer. As Carl explores new career options post-Loverboy and Lindsay enters full preparation mode for their impending nuptials, they both acknowledge that there has been a shift in their relationship. Will they be able to address these issues before the wedding day arrives?

Kyle juggles his busy schedule with Loverboy while Amanda contemplates her next steps and identity beyond her marriage. As Amanda longs to leave city life behind for suburban bliss and plans for starting a family diverge from Kyle’s ambitions for his company, tensions rise between them. Can they navigate these differences while staying together?


Ciara approaches this summer with a newfound positive mindset and a willingness to take chances in her modeling career and personal life. With a determination to be open to both friendships and romantic relationships, Ciara wonders if she will find love among the new housemates or if past experiences within the share house will hinder her prospects.

Paige is blissfully in love with Craig and enjoying an excellent phase in their relationship. However, when it comes to taking the next step of commitment or relocating to Charleston together, Paige hesitates out of fear that it may change her identity. As she starts searching for an apartment in New York City instead of fully committing to Craig’s vision for their future together, doubts arise about whether their relationship can withstand these uncertainties.

Gabby embraces life with a fresh perspective, gradually allowing herself to live more openly. After her parents’ departure from their New York home last summer, Gabby seeks support from her newfound friends in the share house. However, she struggles to let down her guard as much as she anticipated.

Danielle finds herself single for the summer after a turbulent winter romance. She is not interested in another romantic entanglement within the house but remains open to connections outside of it. Alongside her pursuit of love, Danielle also focuses on rebuilding her friendship with Lindsay by establishing boundaries to prevent previous conflicts from reoccurring. Will she be able to rebuild the friendship while embracing personal growth and new opportunities?


Joining the group through Lindsay is 28-year-old sports journalist West Wilson. Following a layoff during staff changes, West is now on the lookout for his next opportunity. Despite having no issues attracting attention from women, commitment proves challenging for him. As he builds connections within the house, will he finally push himself beyond casual dating?

Single and ready to mingle, Jesse Solomon works in Investor Relations and stands tall at 6’5″. He has never struggled with finding female company during Hamptons summers and remains confident regardless of their relationship status. As he opens up about an upcoming milestone towards the end of summer, Jesse finds solace in his new friends’ support.

Summer House is produced by Truly Original alongside executive producers Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Jamie Jakimo, Trish Gold, Faith Gaskins; Left Hook Media’s Matt Odgers and Scott Teti also serve as executive producers alongside Sean Clifford.

Mark your calendars for Summer House’s return on Hayu starting February 23—the same day it premieres in the USA—promising a season filled with love, laughter, and plenty of drama.


Jackson Anderson, your go-to Australian TV Correspondent, reporting on all things Aussie TV and Streaming. With a deep passion for extreme sports, especially snowboarding, I blend my love for adrenaline with my storytelling skills. Join me as I dive into the world of Australian entertainment and bring you all the latest news.

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