Sun, Sea and Selling Houses: Season 7 Episode 18 (Channel 4, 26 June 2024)

A New Life in the Sun

In the latest episode of Channel 4’s Sun, Sea and Selling Houses, viewers are taken to the captivating regions of Almería and Murcia in Spain. The episode, airing on Wednesday 26 June, introduces us to Pete and Nicky, bookmakers from Swindon, who are ready to take a leap of faith and purchase their dream holiday home in Almería. With a budget of £106,000, the Garner family guides them through the process, showcasing the possibilities that lie ahead.

In Murcia, estate agents Darren and Natalie Brown face the challenge of selling a unique four-bedroom, five-bathroom property owned by Norwegian couple Alex and Eric. With the property lingering on the market, the Browns decide to host an open day to attract potential buyers. Will this strategy pay off, and will Alex and Eric be open to making changes to facilitate a sale?

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The episode offers an insightful look into the world of Spanish property dreams and the realities of buying and selling in a foreign country. With the stunning backdrop of Spain’s sunny coast, the episode captures the allure of a new life abroad while also exploring the practicalities and potential pitfalls.

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Sun, Sea and Selling Houses: Episode 18 airs on Channel 4, 26 June 2024, at 5:00 pm.

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