“Sundance Now and AMC+ Present ‘Domino Day: Lone Witch,’ a Supernatural Thriller”

Domino Day

Sundance Now and AMC+ are set to debut the British supernatural series “Domino Day: Lone Witch” on June 27, 2024. This modern-day drama, set and filmed in Manchester, England, stars BAFTA-nominated Siena Kelly as Domino Day, a young witch with a mysterious secret.

The six-part series centers on Domino, a powerful witch who must feed on human energy for survival. In a unique twist, she turns to dating apps not for love but as a means to find her next meal. The show explores Domino’s struggle to manage her need to feed while also being pursued by a coven of witches concerned about the potential harm she could inflict on humans.

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The local coven, led by Kat (Alisha Bailey), is determined to bring Domino into their fold. They enlist the aid of Kat’s ancient ancestors, practitioners of a forbidden form of magic, to understand and control Domino’s powers. Both the coven and Domino face repercussions if they fail to convince her to join their ranks.

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Domino’s ex-boyfriend, Silas (Sam Howard-Sneyd), further complicates things. Their relationship is described as “dangerous,” and his return to Domino’s life creates an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty.

The series also introduces Leon (Percelle Ascott), a potential love interest for Domino, and Cal (Darren Tighe), the untrustworthy proprietor of a spell shop. As the story progresses, Domino’s powers spiral out of control, endangering both herself and those around her.

“Domino Day: Lone Witch” is created and written by Lauren Sequeira, with Eva Sigurdardottir and Nadira Amrani directing.

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