Supermarket Stakeout: A Stick to Your Ribs Stakeout (Food Network, June 19, 2024)

Supermarket Stakeout

Chefs are in for a rollercoaster of challenges as they fire up their creativity in the latest episode of Supermarket Stakeout, airing on Food Network on Wednesday, June 20, 2024. The episode, titled “A Stick to Your Ribs Stakeout,” sees host Alex Guarnaschelli presenting four chefs with an intriguing task: crafting dishes that stick to your ribs.

However, the chefs must quickly shift gears as they are then asked to create detox dishes for judges Eric Greenspan and Eddie Jackson. The culinary journey continues as the two finalists venture back into the parking lot, where they whip up decadent desserts to impress the judges.

The episode begins with Alex Guarnaschelli setting the stage for the chefs’ first challenge: creating hearty, rib-sticking dishes. The chefs must showcase their skills and ingenuity in transforming grocery bags into mouthwatering creations. As they negotiate with shoppers exiting the store, they aim to gather the perfect ingredients for their envisioned plates. The chefs then present their dishes to judges Eric Greenspan and Eddie Jackson, who evaluate their flavorful offerings.

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In a twist, the chefs are then tasked with lightening things up. They must create detox dishes, showcasing a different side of their culinary prowess. This challenge tests their ability to adapt and innovate, moving from rich, hearty fare to refreshing and nourishing creations. The judges will be looking for dishes that not only taste delicious but also embody the concept of detoxification.

As the competition intensifies, the two chefs who impressed the judges the most in the previous rounds advance to the final round. They return to the parking lot, where they dive into shoppers’ carts once more, this time in search of ingredients for decadent desserts. The finalists must pull out all the stops to craft sweet treats that will wow the judges and secure their victory.

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Supermarket Stakeout: A Stick to Your Ribs Stakeout airs on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, at 9:00 PM on Food Network.

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