Supermarket Stakeout Season Premiere, May 1, 2024, Food Network, “All in the Family”

Supermarket Stakeout

Supermarket Stakeout returns with its season premiere, and this time, host Alex Guarnaschelli challenges four chefs to create protein-style plates. The competition heats up as the chefs must negotiate with shoppers to acquire the necessary ingredients for their dishes. In the second round, the chefs must put their differences aside and work together to create family-style platters for judges Stephanie Boswell and Joe Sasto. The pressure intensifies as the two finalists face off, crafting tiny bites to impress the judges.

In this episode, airing on Food Network on Wednesday May 1, the chefs must showcase their culinary prowess by creating protein-centric dishes. With a limited budget and the unpredictability of shoppers’ grocery bags, they must strategize and adapt to develop flavorful and innovative protein-style plates.

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The second round emphasizes collaboration as the chefs come together to craft family-style platters, requiring effective communication and a harmonious fusion of ideas. The episode concludes with a tense finale as the remaining two chefs go head-to-head, crafting delicate and meticulously crafted tiny bites to wow the judges.

Supermarket Stakeout is an American cooking competition series that first aired in 2019. The show is hosted by Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and features chefs competing in a pop-up kitchen outside a grocery store.

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Each chef receives a budget to purchase ingredients from shoppers, creating dishes within specific themes and constraints. The competition is intense, and the chefs must demonstrate their creativity and adaptability to impress the judges and secure their chance at the grand prize.

Supermarket Stakeout: All in the Family airs on Food Network at 9:00 pm on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

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