Swamp People, April 11, 2024, History Channel, “Boom or Bust”

Swamp People: Blood and Guts

In “Boom or Bust,” the swampers of the History Channel’s Swamp People face mounting pressure as they venture into uncharted territories in pursuit of lucrative alligator hunts. With the clock ticking on the month-long alligator season, the hunters are determined to make the most of this critical time for their annual income.

In Boom or Bust, airing on HISTORY on Thursday April 11, Troy and Pickle take on a risky mission as they leave the familiar grounds of the swamp and venture into the oil fields. Their decision to hunt in an electrical storm adds to the danger, as they aim to land some monster alligators.

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Meanwhile, Joey and Zak join forces to challenge Mr. Daniel’s dominance. The two hunters set their sights on dethroning the seasoned swamp veteran, who refuses to surrender his throne without a fight.

Elsewhere, another team battles against time as they navigate a clogged canal to fill their tags. With the pressure building, the swampers must draw on their skills and quick thinking to maximize their chances of success during this short alligator season.

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Swamp People: Boom or Bust airs on the History Channel at 8.00 pm on Thursday, April 11, 2024.

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