Swedish Crime Thriller Deliver Me Now Filming for Netflix



Swedish Crime Thriller Deliver Me Now Filming for Netflix

Cast members for the in production Netflix crime drama Deliver Me, based on Malin Persson Giolito’s bestseller of the same name,  were revealed today.

Yasir Hassan and Olle Strand, both newcomers, play Billy and Dogge, two teenagers who have been best friends since they were kids. Yusra Warsama (Castle Rock) portrays Leila, Billy’s mom, while Ane Dahl Torp (Occupied) and Henrik Norlén (Modus) represent Dogge’s parents, Jill and Teo.

Farid, a local police officer, is played by Ardalan Esmaili (Snabba Cash), while Mahmut Suvakci (Johan Falk), Solomon Njie (En mot en), and Abdirahman Mohamed (Tusse, Billy’s younger brother) round out the primary characters.

In the opening of Deliver Me, gentle snowflakes fall on a deserted swimming hole. Lying face down in front of a swing set, a fourteen-year-old kid is bleeding to death from a large cut in his skull. His best friend is standing behind him, a gun warm in his shaky fingers.

Who’s to blame when children perform terrible acts? And what happens to us when we internalize the idea that kids can be evil? Children who fall through the cracks—whether because of neglect, poverty, or social isolation—are at the heart of this heartbreaking tale. Everyone is affected by the rising violence in our society, from single mothers to the grocer in the town square to the local police officer.

Anna Zackrisson (The Restaurant) directs the powerful drama Deliver Me, which shows the strength of childhood friendships while also depicting the devastating consequences when society fails to protect those who need it most. Alex Haridi (Love & Anarchy) and Amanda Högberg (Top Dog) are the show’s writers, and the show is produced by Asp Varhos’ Frida Asp (Quicksand) and Fatima Varhos (Bonus Family).

The filming of Deliver Me began two weeks ago in Stockholm, and the show will premiere on Netflix in 2024.

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