Taskmaster Australia In Production for Channel 10; Tom Gleeson hosts



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Channel 10 have announced that a local version of UK hit show Taskmaster, which has aired in Australia on SBS, is in production for 2023 with Tom Gleeson and Tom Cashman taking on hosting duties.

Gleeson stars as the Taskmaster, with Cashman his devoted assistant. Each week the two Toms set five comedians a range of ridiculous tasks designed to bamboozle brains and put funny bones to the test.

Who will succeed in the tasks? The Taskmaster will award the most points to the cleverest clogs, while bemusement and bafflement will receive the least. The Taskmaster champion will be the comedian with the most points at the conclusion of the season.

And who exactly are these funny people willing to jeopardise their reputations on TV’s silliest, funniest comedy programme? None other than Danielle Walker, Julia Morris, Luke McGregor, Jimmy Rees, and Nina Oyama!

Taskmaster Tom Gleeson said: “Taskmaster is a popular comedy game show from the UK where the host belittles comedians while they carry out tedious tasks.

“People have been asking me to host an Australian version for years. How could I say no? Hosting this show is a bloody match made in heaven!”

Produced by Avalon / Kevin & Co, executive producers are Alex Horne, Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett, James Taylor, Jon Thoday and Andy Devonshire (The Apprentice and The Great British Bake Off), who also acts as Series Director.

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