The 1% Club Premiering Soon on Channel 7




Are you a member of The 1% Club? A new comedy quiz show is here to demonstrate that how you think, not what you know, matters.

The 1% Club, which will be broadcast on Channel 7 and 7plus soon, invites you to put your intelligence to the test to see if you are smarter than 99% of people.

Contrary to traditional quiz shows, The 1% Club focuses on logic and common sense rather than general knowledge, offering viewers of all ages and backgrounds a distinctive and thrilling experience.

The show, which is hosted by Australian comedian Jim Jefferies, is hilarious and entertaining, and Jefferies’ irreverent demeanour is ideal for the experimental quiz format.

Each episode starts with 100 candidates, but the top reward of up to $100,000 is only awarded to those who can properly answer a question that only 1% of Americans would get right. The questions become more challenging as fewer people properly answered each question.

Contestants need to perform at the top of their game and show off their abilities if they want to reach the coveted 1%. Join the exclusive ranks of The 1% Club and win big!

Based on a format developed by Magnum Media and made available by BBC Studios, The 1% Club is produced by BBC Studios Australia and New Zealand.

The 1% Club will soon be available on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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