The 1970s: Those Were the Days Premiere (Channel 5, Saturday 25 May 2024)

Channel 5

Channel 5 presents the premiere episode of the two part documentary series The 1970s: Those Were the Days, airing on Saturday, 25 May 2024. The episode offers an affectionate retrospective of life in Britain during the early 1970s, a colourful decade marked by significant cultural shifts.

The episode explores the news stories, fads, fashion trends, and essential items that defined the era. From the emergence of glam rock, with Marc Bolan and David Bowie leading the way, to the popularity of eye-liner on men and towering platform heels, the 1970s brought a bold new era of self-expression. Children went crazy for the latest toys and modes of transport, including Clackers, Choppers, and the Space Hopper.

Additionally, the program explores how the UK embraced the credit boom, which revolutionised homeownership and spending habits. Adults indulged in home brewing, embraced time-saving gadgets, and discovered the comforts of duvets and waterbeds. These distractions provided a welcome escape from the mass strikes, blackouts, and Three-Day Week making headlines at the time. The transition to decimal currency confused shoppers, and the emergence of package holidays opened up new horizons for summer vacations.

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Featuring contributions from the likes of Shaun Ryder, Anneka Rice, Anthea Turner, Wayne Sleep, Courtney Pine, Charlie Higson, Zoe Lyons, and Samira Ahmed, the documentary paints a vibrant picture of a decade that left an indelible mark on British culture and society.

The 1970s: Those Were the Days Part One airs Saturday, 25 May 2024, at 8:30 pm on Channel 5.

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