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The Apprentice 2023 – Meet Marnie Swindells



the apprentice 2023 – meet marnie swindells

Occupation: Court Advocate

Lives: London

A gold medal-winning boxer and imaginative businesswoman, she is ready to face off against her fellow candidates in the boardroom.

What is your USP?
My unique selling point is my imagination and creativity. I can see opportunity everywhere I look and being able to have that vision is something I think separates me from other people.

What is your biggest weakness?
My biggest weakness is that I can come across as being headstrong, but it’s actually my passion and eagerness to succeed.

Why do you deserve Lord Sugar’s investment?
I deserve Lord Sugar’s investment because I have given my blood, sweat and tears to my business. I think that taking the experience I have in the boxing industry and all the experience that he has in the business industry, together we would be a winning combination. I have fought tooth and nail to get to where I am today with my business. I deserve the chance to have that investment to show him what I can do with it