The Apprentice Champion Marnie Swindells becomes Lord Sugar’s new business partner



The gruelling 12-week journey of The Apprentice has concluded as Lord Sugar named Marnie Swindells the victor and his new business partner. Throughout the series, 18 determined business entrepreneurs underwent a series of challenging tasks, commencing with creating and selling excursions to tourists in Antigua as the starting point.

Tasks escalated as candidates engaged in developing self-care in male beauty, crafting a canine culinary brand, adapting to the Bao Bun street food trend, and immersing themselves in events. The final task challenged finalists Marnie Swindells and Rochelle Raye Anthony to convince Lord Sugar why they presented the most deserving recipient of his £250,000 investment and partner for a 50/50 equity split.

Assisted by previously eliminated contestants, the finalists integrated their comprehensive business plans before facing their most significant entrepreneurial pitch yet to industry experts and Lord Sugar. Lord Sugar, Baroness Karren Brady, and Tim Campbell MBE reflected on the performances before Lord Sugar apportioned his final verdict.

Lord Sugar acknowledged the highly-competitive market, confiding in Marnie that he was uncertain about the £250,000 investment, but ultimately selected her as his new business partner. As for Rochelle, Lord Sugar questioned the viability of expanding to second and third branches to form a profitable investing opportunity.

Lord Sugar told her “It’s a tough one, but Marnie, you’re asking me to invest in something which is completely alien to me to be honest and you’ve never run a business before. Rochelle, it’s opening the second one and it really is a difficult decision as to what industry I should be in. Two very excellent candidates. But I’ve always been known to be a gambler, I’ve always been known to try new horizons so I’m going to try a new horizon… Marnie, you are going to be my business partner.”

After learning of her win, Marnie said: “What an incredible opportunity and moment for a girl like me to get to a place like this and have become Lord Sugar’s business partner. It feels strange to even say that, but I’m not going to stop saying it because I am so happy.”



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